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Your Elephant Song Doula will provide you and your Partner or Support Person with compassionate care, information and support before and after birth. Your initial consultation will help your Doula understand how best to serve your family. 

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When you schedule a Virtual Birth Planning Session, your Birth Doula helps you build & customize your Birth Plan. They will help you craft an outline of your preferences during your labor and delivery. You are encouraged to include anything you think will make your labor and birth more comfortable.


Childbirth Education Classes offer you, and your Partner or Primary Support Person the chance to understand childbirth. You will learn the Process of Childbirth, and practice methods such as breathing techniques, relaxation and visualization for coping with contractions. 

Your private, or group classes will also give your Support Person the tools they need to lovingly support you during labor. 

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Prenatal Yoga


Prenatal Visits offer the Birth Doula and the Birting Person time to get to know one another well. Over the course of your pregnancy, your Birth Doula will meet with you multiple times. In each prenatal visit, she will discuss nutrition, exercise, as well as lifestyle.


Your Elephant Song Birth Doula will serve as a companion who supports you in-person during Active Labor and Birth. They are trained to provide continuous, one-on-one care, as well as information, physical support, and emotional support to our Clients and their Support Person. Enabling the Support Person to be fully present for the experience with The Birthing Person.

Your Birth Doula will be on call to support the Birthing Person 24/7, beginning 2-weeks prior to the Estimated Due Date, and ending 2-weeks Postpartum.

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Pregnancy, Birth,  and the early days of child rearing can be very scary and stressful. The role of your Doula during Postpartum Support, is to ensure you get the best information and care possible. 

During your postpartum care, your Elephant Song Birth Doula will debrief with you about your Birth Experience. She will also make sure that the Birthing Person and baby are adjusting well to postpartum life.


Immediately postpartum, your Elephant Song Birth Doula will provide In-Person Lactation Support. Your Birth Doula is also able to provide Support during your scheduled Virtual Postpartum visits. 

Recommendations for specialists and other resources will be provided if further assistance is needed.

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